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Our site provides advice for owners of Siberian Huskies and other sled dogs. It has lots of useful information for new owners, and for people thinking about taking on their first Siberian Husky or sled dog.

You will find advice and help on matters relating to Husky ownership, including:

• Things to consider before you take on a Husky
• Advice on introducing a new Husky puppy or adult Husky to your home
• Suitable foods for sensitive Husky tummies
• Advice on Husky and sled dog health issues
• Durable toys for Husky puppies and adult dogs
• Information on Husky and sled dog breeders
• Links to other useful information in books and online

Thinking about taking on a Siberian Husky puppy or adult dog is a huge decision. Huskies require a lot of company, interaction, exercise and general mental and physical stimulation compared to many other breeds of dog.

There are many characteristics that make Huskies and sled dogs different from other breeds:

• They are very unreliable at recall, and cannot be let off the lead in open spaces.
• They have a high prey drive and have a tendency to eat small animals (including cats) if given the chance.
• They do not like being left alone, particularly as puppies, and need company for the majority of the day.
• Huskies are skilled escape artists. They need a secure garden with a fence at least 6 feet high (our fence is 8 feet).
• They will DIG in your garden. To prevent them digging their way out you must put slabs down around the edge, or sink your fence a couple of feet down.
• They can be very destructive, particularly if left alone, and will literally eat your shoes/kids toys/furniture/walls of your house if not sufficiently entertained.
• Huskies instinctively pull on the lead when out and about. You can train them to walk to heal but it takes a lot of time and patience. Even a well-trained Husky or sled dog will pull on occasions when they see a small furry animal or something else of interest up ahead.
• Huskies shed LOTS of hair. They ‘blow’ their undercoats once or twice a year. When this happens you will have great clumps of fluff around the house. Huskies shed lightly for the rest of the year.

Many of these character traits are present due to the fact that Huskies were originally bred as WORKING SLED DOGS. They have been selectively bred over many generations to run for many miles a day pulling sleds. They were bred to think fast to keep their owners safe on the trail. Huskies and sled dogs were also selectively bred to second guess and IGNORE their owner’s commands if told to ‘go on’ when they knew the ice was too thin or there was other unseen danger. They lived in harsh areas of the Arctic, where food was scarce, and at times would have been left to catch their own prey.

All of these traits are still present in the Siberian Husky and other sled dogs. If we want to keep them as pets, we have to accept that along with their stunning appearance and gentle nature, come all the inherent traits of the working sled dog.

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